Welcome to The Be Love Tribe

Let's rise up together as love in community

We Have a Vision

A vision of a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible. 

We want to invite you to be part of the emergence of a new world utterly discontinuous from the past. Where we trust rather than doubt, give rather than hoard, listen rather than make noise, speak up rather than stay put, love rather than fight life. A world where we all can live fully - because it is our birthright. This shift happens from the inside out. It grows from mature hearts, sober emotional bodies, clear spirits and joyful minds. And yes, we get it, we are all vulnerable beings stumbling through life. 

We are all fabulously flawed, perfectly imperfect and hilariously insane.

In The Be Love Tribe we want to explore the depth of our hearts, relearn community, acceptance of diversity and authentic communication. Away from censorship, polarising and fighting self created shadows.   

A space for inner transformation,
designed for those who have an
open heart and are ready
to grow and heal.

If that does not scare you... then you are in the right place!

Whats Inside you may ask?

We activated The BE Love Tribe on 13th Jan 2021 with the intention to move away from some of the mainstream social platforms and create a sanctuary of love for those who join, to drink from the spring of love and together practice what it means to live as love in a gifting community, to show up transparently and share our gifts and benefit from others. We wanted a place to engage LIVE with our growing community, to evoke more authentic connections online beyond the like button and an emoji response.  

Co-Hosts and Moderators Gathering

The above image is some of the friends who are co-creators of this magical space, showing up and sharing their gifts to make this an a-LIVE community of 

'BE Lovers'

Co-creation and collaboration is the key to our collective evolution, and so here we are trying something unfamiliar. So far its required a lot of time and energy, and also very nurturing to connect more deeply and feel the love being shared from within this sacred space. Its never easy pioneering new ideas, but always worth it when we follow that creative spark and make dreams a reality.

We have an alive supportive community for courageous explorers of life with exclusive trainings, teachings, deep dive resources and our circles welcome all genders. We have permaculture, relationships, conscious parenting, red tent for those in female bodies and reloveutionary mens circle. Regular LIVE community events from watch parties, workshops, blissipline challenges, musical medicine journies, group meditations, live interactive podcasts, sharing circles, forum and more. You can access in-depth online Trainings and Masterclasses to educate, inspire, and transform.

Journey through your internal landscape and uncover the hidden jewels that expose more love, compassion, and freedom. 

Connect with other heart-centered humans and experience connection, feedback and support. Grow, learn & heal in a space of acceptance and loving encouragement. 

Gift Exchange

Below are some sliding scale token gifts to enter this epic commUNITY space. You have a free trial to explore and see inside before deciding if you want to stay. So dont worry if you are feeling a little unsure. You can also decide to adjust your gift up or down at anytime. Just send us a message once inside. The value of having an online space like this is priceless in our opinion.

If you really want to be a part of this community but have no ability to token gift then write to us at [email protected] sharing your situation and why you would love to join.

See these token gifts as treating us to a green smoothie once a month or some vegan carrot cake! 

Go Touch Yourself Self Pleasure Training

The Go Touch Yourself Self Pleasure Training is a separate closed private community within TBLT. This 4 moduled extensive Training is more like 'The R(e)volutionary sex education we never got'. After the completion of the '4 modules' you are then invited to adjust your gift up, down or leave it as is. Dara and Simon offer monthly LIVE practices and support sessions to help you get the most out of this extensive Training.

Watch the Tour inside the GTY Training


Living In The Gift 

The initial adjustable and sliding scale gifts contribute to Dara and Simons living expenses, a small team of co-creators and help towards recouping some of the initial investment to make all this possible. 

These gifts also create a bond of commitment, trust and dedication to the communities you are entering and contributing to. And trust is especially vital when we explore intimacy and sexuality. It feels aligned to us to welcome those who are committed to the process and respect and honour the sacred space being co-created.

You are entering a gift culture where we practice what it means to live in the gift.
Not just seeing money as a gift but learning to value and experience our whole being and life itself as a gift that constantly gives to us all.

Simple Requirements

We require all who join to commit to adding clear image for transparency and friendliness. Fill in the simple profile. Read the welcome articles to familiarize yourself with the guidelines, and how to navigate the platform. This will help you to make connection with other souls and work out how this community can best serve you at this moment of your life. Once inside you can ask any questions to Dara, Simon or the Be LOVE moderators. We are all here to support you.

Who Are We? 

Dara & Simon, we have been in real-ationship for seven years. Six months after meeting we birthed NAKED The Retreat, an exploration of community based on love and truth while stripping away all that blocks us from the love that we already are.  Through our mission to serve as love we have birthed a global community from those who have met us at events and on retreat. 

We love diving into and uncovering the taboos of society, we don't blush when we hear the word sex and dance when life gives us lemons (because we really love lemon water). You need to know more? Come dive into the unknown and meet us inside!

Let us RISE UP together AS LOVE

Below is the freestyle-rap that arose on the launch gathering of this community. We hope it inspires you in some way...


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